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MEMEX, with its visionary attitude, has been on the leading-edge of the convergence of the industry trends in Computing Power, Connectivity of Machines, Industry Standards, Advanced Software Technology, and Manufacturing Domain Expertise. MEMEX is the developer of MERLIN, an award winning IIoT technology platform that delivers tangible increases in manufacturing productivity in real-time.


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 [Webinar] Developing the Business Case for Data-Driven Manufacturing  

Developing the Business Case for Data-Driven Manufacturing 
Manufacturers currently profiting from Data-Driven Manufacturing do so primarily because they have a well-defined strategy to incorporate real-time data into their Continuous Improvement methodologies and initiatives. Data-Driven Manufacturing is transforming Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma and other CI methods by shifting the emphasis from data collection and analysis to high value-added activities, rapidly evolving standard work practices. In this web presentation, MEMEX will demonstrate how to construct a tailored compelling business case utilizing a proven, cost effective strategy for achieving sustainable operational excellence. The attainment of operational excellence is rooted in Impactful Continuous Improvement which is fueled by the collection of real-time data from all manufacturing assets, made available to the entire team, for one objective version of the truth. 
In this free webinar you'll: 
  • Comprehend how an investment in Data-Driven Manufacturing returns extremely compelling bottom-line results, and how best to construct the business case based on your unique constraints. 
  • Fuel Lean Continuous Improvement initiatives with Real-Time data to get to root cause and counter measures fast. 
  • Learn how to introduce change management to create a culture of sustainable, Impactful Continuous Improvement. 
  • Realize how easy it is to implement a Data-Driven Manufacturing solution and realize the promised ROI in 5 easy steps. 

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